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Did you ever see a blog that provides the widget save page as PDF in his blog, I think this is very interesting to try, because in addition to its blog page is also easier for the visitor to save our blog , blog visitors also be easy feel with this service, ” guest is king “that is saying a word, besides your blog traffic may also be increased if you want to make it.

If you are interested to do so please follow the following tutorial:

1.Login to blogger with your id

2.Select the menu layout

3.Select Edit HTML

4.Give check the “Expand Widget Templates”

5.Find the following code <data:post.body/>, and place the following code underneath

<!– START: PDF Online Script –>
<script type=’text/javascript’>
var authorId = “4D2009E0-017A-4BC3-BC97-AB23434373AE”;
var pageOrientation = “0”;
var topMargin = “0”;
var bottomMargin = “0”;
var leftMargin = “0”;
var rightMargin = “0”;
<script src=’’ type=’text/javascript’>
6.Save your template

Note: if you read the blog you read the code <data:post.body/> have two, then place the code under the code the first

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